Taurus Man

Skin Cream


Guaranteed anti-wrinkle effect thanks to the Mucopolysaccharides in Snail Slime and its active ingredients such as Allantoin, Collagen and Elastin that combat wrinkles and delay the skin ageing process. The proteins and vitamins in its formula, together with Glycolic Acid have a revitalising, purifying and elasticising action. Organic Olive Oil nourishes and adds incredible softness. Also ideal as an aftershave.
Quantity: ml 100 | SKU: 900 ML 100


Designed for

Combat wrinkles


Revitalising, purifying and elasticising action Nourishing action Softness


Snail Slime Glycolic Acid Organic Olive Oil

How to use

Spread some putty on your hands and use to style dry beard and hair with your fingers.