Hair Luxury

Products for every hair type


Style and Luxury

A complete range of lines and products for the care of any kind of hair, which leave it healthy, shiny and soft to the touch, with a restructuring, moisturizing and strengthening action.



With Vegetable Stem-Cells

Farmavit products of Biostaminal Line make cleanse the scalp, regenerating the skin and tissues. At the same time strengthen and restructure the hair, contrasting fall and thinning.


I'm Hair Colouring

Hair Colouring

The products of Farmavit I’M line selectively act on any kind of hair, leaving it soft and shiny, adding volume and thickness.


Keratin 4

With micromolecules of Keratin

The Keratin 4 line, an innovative reconstruction treatment developed by Farmavit, gives hair extraordinary shine and health. This is made possible thanks to the targeted action of Keratin Micromolecules, which operate deep in the core of the hair fibre, and of Macromolecules which, acting on the surface, provide effective protection for the hair.



Diamante, Hair Care, Liss, No Frizz

The revolutionary Leaf Diamante treatment with argan and macadamia oils has been formulated by the Farmavit laboratories to leave coloured and natural hair radiant, glossy and soft. The sophisticated ingredients in the treatment work both outside and inside the hair structure, intesely nourishing the scalp and dry hair.

The Leaf Hair Care Farmavit line of products based on Tsubaki Oil and Hyaluronic Acid benefit hair from the very first treatment, making it shiny and strong and eliminating any form of sensitization due to chemical aggression.

The Leaf Liss treatment, a professional smoothing line, has been formulated by Farmavit Laboratories to guarantee in just a few steps a perfect, long-lasting smooth effect for up to 5 months.

Farmavit's Leaf Antifrizz line of products based on keratin and tannic acid provide an anti-frizz effect for several days and defend hairstyles from humidity. At the same time they restructure, soften and protect the hair.



As you are. How you want yourself.

The products of the Lydia35 line were created to give all women a moment of freshness and serenity, of spontaneity and good energy, creating a multisensory space in which to feel in harmony with themselves.



An elixir of beauty for your hair

Farmavit products of Sunshine line protect the hair during and after sun exposure, avoiding symptoms of dryness, loss of gloss, weakening, color damage caused by the effects of ultraviolet rays on keratin and by the effects of salt on the structure of the cuticles.




The products of the Syrma Finish Farmavit line relax, enrich and protect the hair, giving brightness to the final hairstyle for an impeccable effect.

The products of the Syrma Finish Aluminum Farmavit line relaxes, enriches and protects the hair, giving brightness to the final hairstyle for an impeccable effect.

The products of the Syrma line Styling Farmavit relaxes, enriches and protects the hair, giving brightness to the final hairstyle for a flawless effect.


Taurus Man

Beard and Hair Line

Farmavit products of the Taurus Man Line, cleanse, gloss and protect beard and hair, refreshing and softening skin, while stopping irritations.